Key Features

A dynasty first, single gene IMI oaten hay!

  • Kingbale is a single gene IMI tolerant oaten hay variety – a world first
  • Mid-maturing variety with improved tolerance to soil residual imidazolinone herbicides
  • An ideal variety for use where there are IMI residue concerns from previous crops
  • Tall variety with good early vigour
  • Preliminary data shows Kingbale has a similar disease and agronomic profile to Wintaroo
    • CCN resistant
    • Rust will require proactive management
    • SVS to red leather leaf, similar to Wintaroo
  • Sentry® is currently registered for preplanting incorporation by seeding (IBS) for hay, forage, seed and grain (domestic feed market only) production. Excess grain, seed and screenings produced from single gene IMI Oaten hay varieties, Kingbale and Archer, can be used for the domestic oaten grain feed markets and/or consumed on-farm. Grain of these varieties cannot be delivered into bulk handling systems.
  • End Point Royalty (EPR) $3.65/tonne + GST
  • Kingbale is available through resellers and Seedclub Members


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