Silvina Baraibar

06 October 2023

Silvina is the early generation barley breeder, joining the company in 2022. In her role as early generation breeder, Silvina focuses on the creation of new barley breeding populations, applying the newest genomics and phenomics technologies, to identify and select the most promising genotypes.

Before joining InterGrain, Silvina was the National Barley Breeder at the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INIA), in Uruguay, for 8 years. Silvina is completing her PhD at The University of Adelaide. Her research project is on the adoption of genomic selection in a commercial barley breeding program, focusing on the integration of phenomics and genomics to enhance the grain yield prediction accuracy, as well as the utilization of multi-phase analysis to improve prediction accuracies of malting quality traits. Silvina holds a MS in Agricultural Science and an Agronomic Engineer Degree from Universidad de la República (UDELAR, Uruguay). Her research focused on developing breeding strategies for the management of wheat stem rust in Uruguay.