Dr. Haelee Fenton

29 December 2022

Haelee joined InterGrain towards the end of 2019 as the Cereal Chemist and has led the implementation and development of the quality laboratory at our Bibra Lake site. Haelee has a Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology (First Class Honours), and a PhD in Public Health (Food Science) from Curtin University.

Prior to joining InterGrain, Haelee was an experienced lecturer with a demonstrated history of working in higher education, most recently in the Food Science and Technology undergraduate, postgraduate, and higher degree programs at Curtin University. Haelee has also worked in the grain and food industry with roles at the Department of Agriculture and Food of Western Australia, CBH Group, and different food companies including Vesco Foods, Brownes Dairy, and Glenhaven Foods (ROI).

Haelee’s research interests primarily encompass the areas of cereal science, health, and sensory evaluation. Research projects in the past have involved understanding raw material quality (for example: wheat and oat quality), processing parameters, and end product quality of products such as bulgur, chapatti, noodles and steamed bread. Focus on the development of products with improved nutrition and health outcomes is also of interest, and previous research has investigated effects of ingredients and processing on nutritional value, satiety and postprandial glycaemia. The unique mix of prior roles has been valuable in gaining experience and understanding of the whole value chain from prebreeding to paddock, to plate and beyond into human health. Haelee’s role at InterGrain is focused on delivering high value and quality grain testing to support our plant breeding strategy and programs; and advancing cereal science and innovation in grain quality through engagement with the grains and wider industries.