Dr. Jayfred Godoy

24 July 2019

As InterGrain’s early generation wheat breeder, Jayfred is primarily involved in the genetic improvement and germplasm enhancement of udon and soft wheats. He is responsible for the creation of (targeted) breeding populations until achievement of pure-breeding genotypes, following several rounds of evaluation and selection. He is very keen to partner with pre-breeders and researchers to identify new strategies and apply the latest tools to improve selection efficiency in both high yielding and marginal environments.

Dr Godoy leads the implementation of high-throughput phenotyping and genotyping in the wheat and barley breeding pipelines. He is actively participating in several collaborative projects with leading Australian research institutions to upscale InterGrain’s phenomics capabilities.

Before joining InterGrain in 2018, Jayfred was a Postdoctoral Researcher in winter wheat breeding at Washington State University (USA). His research projects included genomic prediction and association genetic studies on wheat grain quality, agronomic traits, and spectral reflectance indices. He also worked on the application of various high-throughput phenotyping platforms in wheat breeding. Jayfred holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Visayas State University (Philippines), MS in Agronomy from Kansas State University (USA) and PhD in Crop Science (Plant Breeding and Genetics) from Washington State University (USA).