Dr. Federico Ribalta

07 March 2023

Federico is the Plant Growth Facilities Manager at InterGrain, having joined the company in 2020. He has extensive experience in the development of biotechnology tools for accelerated breeding for pulses, cereals and oil seed crops, and on the management of large-scale commercial breeding populations. He has a strong background in plant physiology, genetics and breeding; doubled haploidy and tissue culture technologies.

Dr Ribalta holds a Ph.D. in pulse breeding technologies from the University of Western Australia and INRA, France. Before joining Intergrain, he was involved in the development and implementation of GRDC funded innovative biotech programs at UWA. This was achieved whether by the compression of breeding cycles in controlled environments through the manipulation of plant morphogenesis and use of state-of-the-art LED light technology, combined with integrated high throughput phenotyping, or through interspecific hybridisation, cloning, single-cell mutation and doubled haploidy.

In his role at InterGrain, Federico is responsible for overseeing all operations related to glasshouse production for Intergrain’s breeding programs. His role involves the development of high-level strategies for the acceleration of the early generation cycle times and integration of high throughout phenotyping within the glasshouse pipeline. He also has a high-level input to the design of InterGrain’s new glasshouse and early generation advancement facilities.