Rocking and running wheats, RockStar and Vixen, with new NSW classifications

01 April 2020 Wheat News

Rocking and running wheats, RockStar and Vixen, with new NSW classifications

New South Wales wheat growers know that profitable wheat growing is about managing risk, adapting to seasonal conditions and selecting the right variety to maximise all available germination windows.

This is where Vixen and RockStar provide new opportunities for NSW growers with recent classification upgrade announcements by Wheat Quality Australia, following their March panel meeting. Vixen has been classified as an Australian Hard (AH) in the northern zone (Northern NSW/QLD), and RockStar AH in south-eastern zone (Southern NSW).

InterGrain CEO Tress Walmsley says she is extremely pleased with the recent classification announcements as they highlight the company’s success in developing a truly national wheat breeding program that delivers profitable varieties for Australian growers.

“Our breeding program is very focused on combining high yielding genetics, with elite quality, enabling delivery of varieties with AH or greater classification and with good physical grain characteristics”.

 “The northern zone AH classification for Vixen is a company first and provides growers with an excellent varietal opportunity for mid-late planting windows.”

“Vixen is a high yielding, broadly adapted, early-mid flowering wheat with a solid disease resistance package, rated MRMS for yellow leaf spot, stripe rust and stem rust.

Similarly, we expect broadly adapted RockStar will be a big hit with Southern NSW growers with its AH classification, providing an ideal ‘earlier to flowering’ complement to Vixen (AH).

“Mid-late flowering RockStar was a stellar performer in 2019 Southern NSW early and main season National Variety Trials (NVT) despite the extremely tough conditions, underlining the yield improvement that breeding has delivered for the mid-late flowering class.

“RockStar is an alternative to Beckom, Catapult and Scepter and is ideally suited to sowing in the earlier parts of the main planting window.

Both Vixen and Rockstar will be in national NVT trials this season and we strongly encourage growers and advisors to take a look to see how they perform within their local areas.

Vixen and RockStar are available this season from Seedclub members and Vixen is approved for farmer to farmer trade.

RockStar seed is limited in NSW this season however, we are committed to working with our Seedclub members to ensure adequate production and good seed supplies for 2021.

For more information on Vixen and RockStar, visit or contact InterGrain Territory Manager Katherine Munn, or 0427 855 059.