New mid-slow Genie wheat grants growers’ wishes

06 October 2023

New Australian Hard (AH)^ wheat, Genie, is the latest variety summonsed from InterGrain’s wheat breeding program. Genie is set to grant growers’ wishes with its excellent yield potential within high production environments, useful disease resistance profile, longer coleoptile and good sprouting tolerance.

Genie will show its mid-slow maturity class strength in medium-high production areas in major cereal growing regions of Australia.

Whilst the 2020 release of RockStar raised the yield bar within the mid-slow maturity class, Genie delivers a further improvement for >3t/ha yield environments. In these environments Genie, offers a magical yield improvement compared to RockStar– a yield improvement worth summonsing!

InterGrain wheat breeder Dan Mullan says, “Genie has consistently performed in >3t/ha yield environments across a wide range of regions within the InterGrain wheat breeding program, highlighting very good high end yield stability.”

“Genie will be a variety in demand next year in southern wheat growing areas as it builds on the advantages that RockStar has delivered to growers in recent seasons.

“We have a proven track record in breeding and releasing exceptionally high yielding wheats, including Vixen, RockStar and Clearfield® Plus wheats Chief CL Plus, Sheriff CL Plus and Valiant CL Plus.

“We look forward to Genie delivering to growers new yield highs in >3t/ha yield environments and diverse agronomic traits within a mid-slow maturing variety,” Dan said.

Trialled as IGW6754, InterGrain’s internal preliminary falling number assessments indicate Genie has good sprouting tolerance. Whilst further testing is required, its provisional rating of 5p indicates the variety has a similar level of tolerance as Scepter.

Dan also commented, “In addition to high yields, we’re pleased to be unveiling a variety which also includes a long coleoptile, enabling earlier sowing opportunities to be maximised. Genie’s long coleoptile allows it to be sown deeper to seek moisture if required, providing an advantage when sowing into marginal moisture conditions.”

Growers’ wishes are also granted with Genie’s robust disease resistance package, which includes good yellow leaf spot, and good stripe rust and stem rust resistances. Genie is rated as moderately susceptible to Cereal Cyst Nematode (CCN), an improvement on varieties such as RockStar.

Grain quality results show Genie has a good test weight and a moderate grain size. Genie’s moderate grain size is considered adequate, however in drier seasonal finishes screenings risks may increase marginally,’ Dan said.

Genie is an exceptional variety choice within medium-high yielding environments, although RockStar remains the superior performing mid-slow maturing variety for medium-low rainfall regions.

Genie is available for planting in 2024 from InterGrain Seedclub members and/or resellers.


^ Genie is classified as AH in the Southern and Western zones and is pending an AH classification for the South East and Northern classification zones.

The Genie is out the bottle! SA Territory Manager Rehn Freebairn launching Genie at the Mid North High Rainfall Zone Spring Field Day.