Kingbale - Available in 2022

15 December 2021 Oat News


  • Kingbale will be available for planting in 2022
  • Sentry is currently registered for use in Kingbale oats for hay and seed production only
  • A Sentry registration application for use in Kingbale grain (domestic feed market only) has been submitted to the APVMA and a decision is expected by April 2022.
  • Seed can be retained from 2022 production for future crops and any excess seed can be consumed by livestock on-farm (It is not permitted for livestock consumption off-farm, unless the registration application is approved allowing grain to be sold on the domestic feed market)
  • Seed is available for planting in 2022 through local resellers and InterGrain Seedclub members

Together with Nufarm and Grains Innovation Australia (GIA), InterGrain have been working hard on the delivery of Kingbale to growers and industry and are pleased to announce that it will be available for planting next season. Any seed bulked up in 2022 can be retained and sown in future seasons.

Earlier this year Kingbale was successful in receiving an Immediately Before Sowing (IBS) Sentry registration for hay and seed production. Following consultation with APVMA this year, any excess Kingbale seed is currently able to be consumed on-farm.

The APVMA are currently assessing a Sentry registration application for use in Kingbale feed grain, and a decision is expected in April 2022 following a Trade Consultation in February 2022. A successful registration will allow Kingbale to be consumed on-farm and sold into domestic feed markets, although Kingbale will be unable to be delivered to any local grain receival sites.

We will continue to keep you all updated with the registration progress. However, on-farm consumption of excess seed is a positive outcome in the interim as it provides clarity leading into sowing, around the options for screenings and excess seed consumption prior to a potential grain registration.

Kingbale is an excellent varietal option for use within the cereal system so if you are interested in purchasing planting seed next season then don’t hesitate to speak with your local reseller and/or Seedclub member.


Key Features

  • Kingbale is a single gene IMI tolerant oaten hay variety – a world first!
  • Mid-maturing variety with improved tolerance to soil residual imidazolinone herbicides
  • An ideal variety for use where there are IMI residue concerns from previous crops
  • Tall variety with good early vigour
  • Preliminary data shows Kingbale has a similar disease and agronomic profile to Wintaroo
  • CCN resistant
  • Rust (likely susceptible) will require proactive management
  • SVS to red leather leaf, similar to Wintaroo
  • Yield information is currently limited
  • End Point Royalty (EPR) $3.65/tonne + GST

Kingbale seed is available for planting in 2022 from Seedclub members and local resellers. For more information about Kingbale, get in touch with your local Territory Manager here.

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