IMI Tolerant Barley Industry Update April 2020

02 April 2020 Barley News

Joint Statement from:  Barley Australia, Grains Industry Market Access Forum, National Working Party on Grain Protection, Grain Producers Australia, Grain Growers Limited, InterGrain and Seednet.

Pre-Sowing Reminder on Market Requirement for IMI tolerant Clearfield barley varieties

April 2020

Key Points:

  • South Korea has adopted an MRL for imazapyr of 0.7 mg/kg.
  • The Japan MRL review on imazapyr is anticipated to be completed late 2021.
  • Growers will need to continue to be mindful of their intended grain sales options for Clearfield barley varieties (Spartacus CL and Scope CL).


This is the fourth industry communication on market issues concerning Clearfield barley varieties in relation to imidazolinone (IMI) chemical use. Barley Australia has previously distributed updates in March, May and October 2019, see the GrainGrowers website for these updates.

Further information has recently become available on the developments taking place in South Korea. On 30 December 2019, South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) published Notice No. 2019-150 revising their food regulations.

Of significance was that the Import Tolerance application from BASF for an MRL for imazapyr on barley of 0.7mg/kg had been completed earlier than expected and an MRL has been adopted in their regulations. Hence an MRL for imazapyr of 0.7 mg/kg now applies on barley in South Korea. As yet there are no further updates on the Japan MRL review on imazapyr and the most recent advice is that this review will not be finalised until late 2021.

This means that there continues to be several potential barley markets with an imazapyr MRL below the Australian MRL. Growers need to consider this when it comes to their choice of varieties, using IMI chemistry and marketing their Clearfield barley varieties. As previously advised, growers considering the application of IMI chemicals if planting Clearfield varieties (Spartacus CL and Scope CL) should contact their local grain trader for information on their grain marketing strategies to manage MRLs.

Bulk handlers and grain traders should continue to carefully monitor and manage stocks of Clearfield barley varieties to ensure that Australian grain continues to meet export requirements, thereby ensuring these varieties continue to be available for the benefit of the Australian grains industry.

Media contact: Megan Sheehy, Barley Australia, 0400 156 088