Dozer CL Plus– Revving and ready to push Clearfield® wheat yields!

07 December 2023 Wheat News

Dedicated to productive variety packages, leading Australian cereal breeding company, InterGrain, has launched its latest quick-mid Clearfield® Plus wheat, Dozer CL Plus. With a 5% yield improvement* compared to Hammer CL Plus, it is set to bulldoze its way into paddocks in 2024.

With a recent APW classification under its belt for the Western and Southern classification zones, Dozer CL Plus is tipped to push mid and quick-mid IMI wheat yields. It is best suited to  low-medium rainfall areas in Western and South Australia.

According to InterGrain Wheat Breeder Dan Mullan, Dozer CL Plus will be attractive to medium-low rainfall growers due to its significant yield improvement and lodging resistance compared to Hammer CL Plus.

“Profitable wheat growing is all about making effective variety choices which minimise risk, support system sustainability and maximise returns and Dozer is ready and revving to achieve this,” said Dan Mullan.

“Dozer also provides increased rotational flexibility when other imidazolinone (IMI) crops have been grown the previous year and there are residue concerns.

“Dozer is a high yielding variety which has consistently performed across a range of medium-low rainfall environments and sowing dates within the InterGrain (2019-22) and Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development trial programs, highlighting effective yield stability.

“Growers have been looking for a new higher yielding, quick-mid maturing IMI variety to diversify their wheat variety portfolios and enable them to take advantage of post emergent IMI herbicide application opportunities.

“The IMI wheat production system has many benefits. It provides another post-emergent grass and broadleaf weed control option, protecting yields with improved weed control and assists in reducing weed seed banks for following crops.

Trialled as IGW6783, Dozer CL Plus has good grain size and test weight, comparable to Mace. It also has a moderate tillering capacity, medium plant height and a medium coleoptile. Proactive disease management of stripe rust and CCN in South Australia is recommended with Dozer CL Plus to maximise full yield and quality potential.

Dozer CL Plus is available for planting in 2024 from WA and SA InterGrain Seedclub members and/or resellers.

For media inquiries contact InterGrain Communications Manager Shannen Barrett or 0408 615 431.

*Yield performance based on 2019-22 InterGrain 2019-2022 National long-term trials.