Brumby strides ahead in Badgingarra

31 January 2023 Wheat News

Brumby has made an impact on John Scotney, Badgingarra, after he bulked up seed for InterGrain Seedclub Member, Australian Seed & Grain, Moora in 2022.

“I was very impressed with Brumby’s ability to resist powdery mildew and yield over 5.2t/ha, despite only having one fungicide application, when the rest of my program had at least two and sometimes three,” said John.

John runs a mixed cropping enterprise across 4,000ha in Badgingarra. In 2022, John’s cropping program consisted of 1,500ha wheat, 2,100ha canola and the balance to lupins for sheep feed. In 2022, he received 900mm annual rainfall, more than double the average.

John put Brumby to the test, sowing 39ha on the 16th of May. Since John’s normal wheat program includes a robust fungicide package to manage foliar diseases, he was interested to see the strength of Brumby ’s genetic disease resistance.

“Brumby held back and didn’t shoot up too early, allowing it to use the moisture in the soil profile and fulfill its potential. On top of that, the Brumby stayed clean and didn’t require a fungicide top-up later in the season, despite receiving 240mm rainfall in August.

“Brumby has a good fit in our program, especially when we have early rains and need something with a longer season and a good disease resistance package”

Badgingarra grower John Scottney pictured with sidekick Titch was impressed with new powdery mildew resistant Brumby wheat in his first year of bulking it up.

InterGrain wheat breeder Dan Mullan said Brumby’s performance in 2022 has been exceptional in paddocks across WA and in our internal trial program and in NVTs.

“2022 was a great season to showcase Brumby’s high yield potential and put its disease resistance package to the test,” Dan said.

“Brumby’s powdery mildew resistance is a key attribute that was especially handy this season as many growers were not able to get onto paddocks to spray due to trafficability problems.

“Its good yellow spot and stripe and stem rust resistances also adds to the variety’s attractiveness”, said Dan.

Brumby is a mid-maturing spring wheat, with a maturity later than Scepter and slightly quicker than RockStar. Brumby is classified as an APW in the western zone.

Brumby is available for planting in 2023 from InterGrain Seedclub Members and resellers.

For more information on Brumby , get in contact with your local Territory Manager.

WA Southern Territory Manager, Georgia Trainor or 0439 093 166

WA Northern Territory Manager, Rachel Asquith or 0483 311 901