2021 Kingbale seed release – 2021 hay production opportunities available

30 March 2021 Oat News

Following the release of Kingbale and its recent receipt of Nufarm’s Sentry® registration for hay and seed production, InterGrain, Nufarm and Grains Innovation Australia (GIA) have considered feedback from growers regarding the challenges they would face with not having in place at this time a Sentry® registration for use in grain (including screenings which would have to be buried or destroyed as they are not currently permitted to enter the food chain at any point).

This has led us to take the highly precautionary approach of performing further residue testing during this year to ensure complete confidence in end-use products supplied to critical Australian markets. Please be assured that this decision has not been taken lightly, but it is an essential step to ensure the long-term sustainability of Kingbale, and future imi-tolerant varieties.

We recognise that Kingbale is considered a highly useful tool within a cropping system and are willing permit a restricted level of hay only production this season while this additional testing is undertaken. Seed bulk-up productions will not be allowed this season. If you are interested in growing larger volumes of Kingbale for hay production please don’t hesitate to register your interest with InterGrain. As the year progresses we will continue to keep industry updated and remain confident that Kingbale will be available for both hay and seed production in 2022.

For more information contact:  Ash Brooks, InterGrain Senior Marketing Lead on 0476020451 or at abrooks@intergrain.com