Growing Together - Delivering value to the whole supply chain!

At InterGrain, every buck goes back.

Our business is focused on re-investing 100% of your End Point Royalties to breed improved varieties that deliver.

Each year our trusted, capable staff manage over 200 000 breeding plots across 45 trial sites Australia-wide. We’re working for your future success as we continue to develop new and proven varieties like Ninja, Chief CL Plus, Spartacus CL and La Trobe.

We support our varieties right through the supply chain and are currently generating market pull in six countries: Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Japan and South Korea.

We call it Growing Together.

For more information on the InterGrain breeding program and our varieties, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you’d ever like to take a look at our Perth breeding headquarters or take a wander through a trial site then be sure to get in touch!

An infographic on Intergrain company overview.

Growing Together - Proven variety development

Every buck goes back into breeding new varieties