Inari, the SEEDesign™ company, and InterGrain, have formed a strategic collaboration to dramatically enhance the yield potential of wheat, securing the crop’s long-term viability in the face of an increasingly variable climate.

Inari combines artificial intelligence-driven predictive design and multiplex gene editing to unlock the full potential of seeds. By directly addressing the complex systems within plants that impact factors such as productivity and resource use efficiency, the company aims to help transform and improve the sustainability of the world’s food system.

Inari’s team brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, and InterGrain values the collaboration capability to bring to life our shared vision for a more sustainable future for agriculture.

The Inari and InterGrain collaboration aims to deliver a transformative change in wheat yields to Australian growers within the widely grown and successful backgrounds of InterGrain’s wheat germplasm.

As a research and development driven breeding company we are excited to be able to utilise NBTs to support our mission in delivering profitable varieties for Australian growers. We envisage that the release of wheat varieties from this partnership will contribute to the competitiveness of Australian grain exports and profitability for Australian wheat growers.