Farmer to Farmer Trading

InterGrain was the first cereal breeding company to introduce Farmer to Farmer seed trading. Since this time the company has kept the process as simple as possible to ensure our growers can easily and cost effectively access our varieties.

It is important growers take care with all seed sale transactions and are strongly encouraged to ensure the exchange involves clean and healthy seed and confirm varietal purity.

Farmer to farmer traded varieties are subject to the terms and conditions of the Industry Standard Seed Licence and Royalty Agreement.


What Varieties Can You Trade?

Barley Varieties

Bass Buff
Baudin La Trobe
Flinders Rosalind
Vlamingh Litmus
Lockyer Roe

Farmer to Farmer Trade is not permitted for Clearfield® barley varieties.



Wheat Varieties

Devil Kinsei
Vixen Magenta
Ninja Cosmick
Zen Emu Rock
Supreme Harper
Fortune Hydra
Wyalkatchem Wedin
Tammarin Rock Zippy
King Rock EGA Bonnie Rock
EGA Eagle Rock

Farmer to Farmer Trade is not permitted for Clearfield® Plus wheat varieties.


License Agreement

2020  InterGrain Industry Standard EPR License Agreement

Seed Sales Declaration

2019/20 InterGrain Farmer to Farmer Seed Sales Declaration