A Brumby set to tame Powdery Mildew

24 March 2022

With a keen interest to diversify the characters in the wheat starting stalls, InterGrain has launched its latest Australian Premium White Wheat (APW)* Brumby. With extremely notable form, this high yielding horse comes with a robust disease resistance package and is set to tame powdery mildew.

Brumby is tipped to be a mid-maturing yield leader in Western Australia where it will predominantly compete with Scepter.

The high yielding wheat has a proven track record across a range of environments, with its strongest race run on South-Coastal courses. Brumby has a maturity later than Scepter, and slightly quicker than RockStar, and has recently received an APW classification in the Western and Southern zones.

According to Wheat Breeder Dr Dan Mullan, Brumby has already proven popular with punting growers as its attractive yield and disease package will assist in balancing the seasonal risk odds.

“Brumby’s powdery mildew resistance is a key attribute as it provides a tool to manage this critical disease, which significantly constrains South-Coast wheat production every year. Its good yellow spot and stripe and stem rust resistances also add to the variety’s attractiveness, said Dan.

“The variety has demonstrated excellent yield consistency across a range of WA seasons and sowing dates, highlighting its broad adaptability and capacity to respond to a range of seasonal conditions.

Trialled as IGW6683, Brumby has a provisional falling number index of 4, following InterGrain’s internal preliminary falling number assessments. Whilst further testing is required, the provisional rating places the variety on a similar form level as Mace.

“Grower interest has been exceptional due to interest in Powdery Mildew resistance. Demand has significantly exceeded seed supplies in its first season,” said Dan.

Brumby has a suitable tillering capacity and is expected to provide adequate weed competition. However, growers should always consider their optimal seeding rate and plant densities to ensure the crop has every chance to run its best race.

Brumby has good grain size and test weight, comparable to RockStar. It also has a longer coleoptile.

Brumby is available for planting in 2022 however, demand has exceeded available supplies.

WA Southern Territory Manager Georgia Trainor with Brumby wheat @ Gibson NVT Sept 2021

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