Wheat Details

Emu Rock

Australian Hard (AH)
'High yielding, early maturing AH wheat' Key Features

  • High yielding Australian Hard (AH) wheat (WA, SA, VIC and Southern NSW)
  • Robust early maturing option for mid to late sowing opportunities
  • Good yellow spot resistance (MR-MS)
  • Very large grain size with a lower tendency to produce screenings
  • Durable stripe rust resistance (Even in the presence of Yr17-27 virulence)
  • Useful level of crown rot resistance (MS), one of the highest commercially available and recent DAFWA studies have shown significant yield improvements under high crown rot pressure. 
  • Farmer to Farmer trading permitted in all states 
  • Emu Rock has an AH classification in WA, SA, Victoria and Sthn NSW
  • Seed also available from your local reseller or Seedclub member
  • EPR $3.50/tonne GST exclusive